Cleveland Station Scraps News

They say that news never sleeps....

Unless of course you are WEWS in Cleveland. 

On Saturday night, WEWS carried the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball game. After the game, instead of doing a 11PM newscast, the station ran a Cavs postgame show. 

Word is they can make more money on the postgame, so they go with that instead of news. So, did the newscast air after the postgame? was just wiped from the schedule. 

Now, between getting a new President and hundreds of thousands of women marching in the streets, I'm kind of thinking that Saturday was sort of a big news day. 

But, not according to WEWS....and sadly this is common practice by the station. 

When WEWS News Director Jeff Harris fired Anchors Jackie Fernandez and Somara Theodore, he talked about ethics, journalist integrity and other blah blah blah. 

But, the when you have one of the biggest news weekends of the year, you sell out for the money. 

Scripps should be ashamed after something like this.