The Worst Person in TV News No. -4

Time for the 4th WORST person in TV news for 2016 and it is no other than...... 

WOAI/KABB GM John Seabers.

Seabers is the iron fist at the Sinclair owned stations and he spent much of 2016 trying to figure out who was leaking emails and stories to FTVLive. 

Staffers were called in and threatened and accused of being the leak to FTVLive. It's sad when you have to put employees under the bright light and accuse them of being a leak. 

When some of the staff wanted to donate some school supplies to underprivileged kids, it was Seabers that put a stop to it, because he didn't think it was a big enough project for station staffers to waste their time on. 

He made the Assistant News Director write a memo to the staff about the leak to FTVLive. That memo was also leaked to FTVLive, which enraged Seabers to no end.  

Seabers has been known to go to Sinclair's IT department and asked them to track emails that are sent and shared through the station account.

How about spending more time on the station and less time playing KGB spy on your employees? 

Just a thought for 2017 John. 

Log back in next hour as we bring you No. 4 on the BEST list.