The Best Person in TV News No. - 5

Now it's time to kick off the Best people in TV News list and coming in at the 5th spot is....

WRIC (Richmond) Reporter Parker Slaybaugh. 

 Slaybaugh made it onto FTVLive twice in the past year and not once was it for posting a selfie at a crime scene or making some stupid mistake. 

Yes he did look a little goofy in this story, but he knew it and still rolled with it.  He showed kids that TV Reporters can be fun and still get the job done. 

Slaybaugh also showed that sometimes a clip on social media can be more than just about how great you are, or how awesome you do your job. You can even use social media to try and make a difference and that is what he did in this story that FTVLive posted in early December. 

Three different people from WRIC emailed FTVLive and thought that Slaybaugh should be on our Best list. Even more surprising is people from his competition in Richmond emailed, saying we should include him on our list. 

Ask yourself if your co-workers and competitors look at you like that? If they don't, maybe it's time you make some changes. 

Parker Slaybaugh shows that you can not only be a good Reporter, you can also be a damn fine person.

And that means a lot in this crazy business. 

Comeback next hour to see who is the 4th WORST person on the list for TV news in 2016.