Whacked in Tulsa

Well, it's almost a year and half late, but Scripps finally got around to sacking FTVLive's worst person in TV news for 2015. 

Scripps owned KJRH took the hatchet to a number of managers yesterday and that included Assistant News Director Tami Marler. 

Marler was anything but an impartial Journalist and many inside the station thought she should have been gone a longtime ago. 

It is unlikely that she will land another gig in TV news, so look for her to go back to conservative radio where she can let her feelings be known and not catch heat for it. 

Marler wasn't the only one sacked at KJRH. 

Sources tell FTVLive that Morning EP Lauren Corbet and HR Manager Derrick Babtist were all fired yesterday.

When you fire the HR guy, does he have to escort himself out of the building? How does that work?