2015 Rewind - Worst People in TV News for 2015

Coming up with the worst people in TV news in 2015 was easy for one and hard for the other.

FTVLive choice one person at the network level and one in local news. 

The network was easy, it was a guy that gave the entire industry a black eye that has still not healed and might never do so. 

Brian Williams lost his NBC Anchor job because of the lies he told about his involvement in news stories that just were not true. FTVLive was the FIRSt to report that Williams was going to "step down" from the NBC Anchor chair back in early February. 

BriLie was suspended for months and returned to a huge demotion at MSNBC. While Williams has no show to anchor, he is brought in from time to time to anchor breaking news.

Each time Williams goes on the air, social media lights up with jokes about the Anchorman and his exaggerations. 

When it comes to the worst in local news, it is a much tougher choice. We thought naming about her, or even her, and maybe this guy. 

But in the end we chose the former beauty queen and KJRH (Tulsa) Assistant News Director Tami Marler.

Many people in TV news have their own political beliefs, not many publicly state those views in the newsroom and on social media.

Marler does both. 

"She is extremely partisan. I don't care that she has strong political views... I care that she is sharing them in the newsroom and publicly on Twitter," says station staffer to FTVLive.

In the past, Marler has taken to Twitter with gems like this one:

After FTVLive exposed her twitter account, she shut it down, only to bring it back just before Thanksgiving. Although she has now blocked us from seeing it (like we can't just log onto another account and look at it). 

The idea that Scripps kept Marler around after the FTVLive story is something that does not sit well with many Scripps staffers at her station and other stations in the group. 

A number of them have reached out to FTVLive and think that Scripps showed bad judgement in the way they handled the issue.

It is bad that someone that makes news decisions for the station and does script approval is able to still keep that role. 

That makes Tami Marler and her owners Scripps the worst people in local TV in 2015.