What the Hell did I just Watch? (Updated)

This is a video posted by WFXT (Boston) Reporter Christine O'Donnell.

The video is O'Donnell in bed talking about how she got up too early for work. 

I know this is what the kids are doing now-a-days, but I can't remember a time when Walter Cronkite shot video of him laying around bed in his underwear and talking to his phone camera. 

Welcome to Journalism in 2017....

Now if you excure me, I'm going to go throw up. 

Update: After FTVLive posted Christine O'Donnell's video it got thousands of views, before she pulled the video down from YouTube. No word if the deleting of the video was O'Donnell's decision or that of her bosses at Fox Boston? NEWSFLASH, Christine: once you put something on social media, it can live forever.