Mexican Customs Detain San Diego Reporter

A So-Cal Reporter was detained by the Mexican government after they claim she was taking pictures in a restricted federal area at the El Chaparral port of entry.

KNSD Reporter Liberty Zabala was detained in Tijuana for about three hours on Monday by Mexican customs officials alongside a San Diego freelance journalist taking images in the restricted area. 

The San Diego Union Tribune reports that a Mexican federal government source with knowledge of the incident said Tuesday that two individuals had been spotted at 9:45 a.m. Monday on a government video surveillance camera at the port’s “nothing to declare lanes,” and observed “using communications equipment, as well as video cameras” without permission in a restricted federal area.

Zabala could not be reached Tuesday, but KNSD’s news director, Greg Dawson, said that she was not working for the station when the incident occurred. “It was just something she was doing on her personal time,” he said. “Liberty is a passionate journalist who is always trying to learn about the issues that are going on around here.”

Zabala’s companion and driver was Gonzalo Ruiz, who said “I’m very embarrassed” about having involved Zabala “in what I did. She was not on assignment.”

After a three-hour wait, Ruiz said authorities returned the passports and allowed them to leave. Ruiz was fined 11,000 pesos, about $500, while Zabala was not penalized, he said.

Once Trump gets the wall built, stuff like this won't happen. 

Just saying....