The Nightmare has Begun

As FTVLive told you, the Nexstar/ Media General deal has gone through and now the nightmare for former Media General employees is just beginning. 

After the deal closed, Nexstar CEO Perry Sook sent out a letter to the MG employees, welcoming them the worst TV station group in the country. 

Those at the old MG stations will get to know Sook well, as he is known to make stations run stories about himself, even if it has no impact on the viewers what-so-ever. 

Many MG people will be losing their jobs and will not be dealing with the Nexstar nightmare for very long. 

But, they will have to once again try and find work in an industry where companies like Nexstar continue to gobble up stations and ruin what was once a great business to be in. 

Here's Sook's letter to the MG employees and obtained by FTVLive: