The Nexstar Standards

Now that Media General stations have been taken over by Nexstar, it is time for the MG stations to get on board with the Nexstar standards. 

Some would argue that Nextsar has no standards, but FTVLive has obtained an internal document that labeled as such. 

The document tells employees everything from how to answer the phone, to how the put signage on the live trucks. 

When it comes to answering the phone and setting up for voicemail it needs to be done like this. 

Also, when the newscast ends, all stations must use the Nexstar animation and copyright for the final 10 seconds of every newscast. 

Lastly, each employee is required to have a 8 by 10 photograph of Perry Sook on both their desk and bedroom dresser at home. 

OK....maybe we made up that last one, but nothing would surprise us.