Sinclair Whacks More in DC (Correction)

Sinclair's pink slip express seems to be parked at WJLA and NewsChannel 8 in DC and isn't leaving anytime soon. 

FTVLive was the FIRST to tell you about all the cuts to the DC station and the hits just keep on coming. 

The latest to get the blade are NewsChannel 8's Bruce DePuyt and WJLA Assignment Editor joins the body count. 

DePuyt, the longtime host of NewsTalk on WJLA's cable arm. His last show will be January 31st and then he starts looking for work. 

“I can say it’s been a great run,” he told the Washingtonian. “I have no complaints. I truly enjoyed this opportunity and I’m proud of what the show has become.”

Correction: And earlier version of this report stated that Afternoon Anchor Dave Lucas was also one of those let go. Lucas emailed FTVLive and said it was not true and he continues to work at the station as an anchor. He says that FTVLive story was  causing him and my family a great deal of anxiety and embarrassment. 

FTVLive regrets the error and will take the source that gave us this information outback and shoot them. 

We are sorry for the mistake and we are happy that no one else in the media makes ever makes any mistakes.