The Debate on the Debate

Depending on which news outlet you watch, then you either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump won the debate.

Turn on CNN and Clinton was the clear winner, Fox News says it was Trump. 

The days of a fair and balanced press are long gone when it comes to cable news. 

A google news search shows that most media believe that Clinton was the winner.

Of course Trump supporters will say, "of course it's the mainstream media." 

If Fox News is the number one news on cable and watched by so many, how come it is not part of the "mainstream media"?

I've always wondered that, when Fox News media critic Howard Kurtz is tweets his pro Trump garbage, he always takes shots at the "mainstream media."

Kurtz worked for the Washington Post, CNN and Fox News. Can you get anymore mainstream than that? 

Anyway, FTVLive didn't watch the debate and if you want to stay sane, you might want to stay away from the TV all day today as well. 

If you thought the pre debate coverage was nauseating, wait till you watch the post debate coverage. 

No thanks....