Well, It's Official on Twitter

FTVLive FIRST reported the news on September 16th that KTTV the Fox O&O in LA had poached KTLA's Assistant News Director to be their new ND. 

Fox Television (AKA The Firm) has still not officially confirmed Kris Knutsen has been hired as their new News Director.

You have yet to see the story on any other blogs, because PR person Erica Keane has yet to send out the release saying that Knutsen has been hired. 

Awful sites like TV news check and others won't cover story unless Keane gives them the OK to do so. Yes, if the PR person doesn't tell them, the story doesn't get covered. Journalism at it's finest. 

As for Knutsen, she is in the newsroom and working and she has always updated her Twitter to confirm that she has been hired by Fox. 

It's news when it's on FTVLive, it's official when it's on Twitter and it's very stale when it hits TV news check and the other guys.