3rd Times a Charm?

Word is that WGCL in Atlanta might be giving weekend morning news another shot. 

This would be the third time that the Meredith station has attempted a weekend morning newscast. 

Word is the station is looking to hire new reporter for its morning shift, and new meteorologist.  Weekend morning anchor may be in the form of a WGCL reporter (possible candidates include Rebekka Schramm, Adam Murphy, Vince Sims, and Karyn Greer... or if WGCL could be looking to make Amanda Davis full-time, assuming Davis is interested in continuing her Atlanta TV career.

With WGCL looking to hire new meteorologist, that may have some wondering whether Jim Kosek or Jim Loznicka could be leaving.  

Kosek previously worked at stations in Utah and Kansas City before Atlanta, where Larry Perret was news director, and Kosek followed Perret to WGCL.  With Perret out, some may be wondering whether Kosek could be on his way out as well. 

As for the chief meteorologist position, assuming Kosek is to leave by the end of November, we could see Paul Ossmann and Jim Loznicka jockeying for the position.

Stay tuned the rumor mill is just started churning on this one.