Reporter Suspended for Wearing Sunglasses during Interview

You think your boss is tough.....

A Reporter in China was suspended for conducting an interview in sunglasses and an umbrella. 

The journalist, who was not named, was put on leave by Xiamen TV for a lack of professionalism that "undermined the image of journalists and negatively influenced society," read the station's Sina Weibo post Tuesday. 

The reporter was interviewing a volunteer in the ongoing cleanup in Xiamen's Tong'an district after Meranti struck the area September 15.

She was standing casually with her purse under an umbrella and holding a microphone when the photo was snapped. 

The image soon spread on social media, arousing heated discussion. "It is disrespectful to an interviewee to wear sunglasses while talking," Net user "Zhizuchangle" commented.

"Reporters are human too ... I thought the punishment was a little harsh," wrote "Yuerya."

"She should behave like a reporter and show some respect," commented another netizen. 

No word on how long the suspension will last. 

H/T Global Times