Pregnant Miami Anchor Injured In Crash

WPLG-TV AM anchor Jacey Birch, who is nine months pregnant, was injured in a car crash in Miami Shores.

Birch was on her way to work, when another car ran a red light. The driver of that car, Ralph Brutus, was arrested on a previous warrant for marijuana possession. Birch has a concussion and a broken foot, but reports say there doesn't appear to be any injury to the baby.

Birch is married to WPLG meteorologist Trent Aric. Their son, Jupiter, is expected to be born in two weeks.

We wish Jacey a speedy recovery and will save asking how they came up with the name 'Jupiter' for another time.

As for WPLG? We're not sure promoting one of your anchors being injured in an accident and then leading newscasts with it, was anything short of exploitation. I mean, it's not even sweeps.