Myrtle Beach Anchor is Arrested

Cops clamped the cuffs on a South Carolina Anchor.

WMBF main Anchor Michael Maely was busted over the weekend after police clocked his car doing almost 100MPH on Saturday evening. 

Maely refused to take a breathalyzer test, which according to South Carolina law requires the automatic suspension of one’s driver's license.

The speed limit where Mealy was clocked speeding is 55 mph. 

Maely told the officer that his passenger, an unidentified woman, had been drinking and she didn’t feel well. Asked how much he had been drinking, Maely responded “not much (a beer),” the report said.

After several attempts to begin a roadside sobriety test in which Maely reportedly failed to follow directions, the trooper read Maely his Miranda rights “and he lost his balance and almost fell over,” the report said. 

A taxi was called for his female passenger, while Maely ride was in the back of a squad car to the Myrtle Beach Police Department, where he was charged with a first offense DUI.

He later was released on bond for more than $1,000.

Ashley Talley, news director for WMBF, said the station did not comment on personnel issues. Asked if Maely would be anchoring the news this week, she declined to answer.

Maely anchors the nightly news on weekdays at 4:30 p.m., 5 p.m., 6 p.m. and 11 p.m., according to his Facebook page.

He was not on the anchor desk during the newscasts on Tuesday.

Asked why Maely was not charged with speeding, a highway patrol spokesman said the DUI charge is an all-inclusive offense that contains moving violations.

Maely’s attorney Jonny McCoy said Tuesday night he hopes people won’t rush to judgment. You know like driving 100MPH.

“At this point, everything is just an allegation against Mr. Maely who has served and dedicated his life to the people of Horry County. He would like to thank his many, many friends and family who have reached out to him in support. 

“Mr. Maely has not or will not seek any preferential treatment because he's a public figure,” McCoy said. nice of him.