The Megyn Kelly Contract Talks

In the end, Megyn Kelly will stay at Fox News.

That is our prediction, but it isn't stopping Kelly, her agent and her friends from trying to make it look like every network wants her. 

Last week, Drudge reported that CNN was moving mountains to try and land Kelly. 

Now Vanity Fair reports this week that ABC has renewed interest, and perhaps sweetened, its effort to woo Kelly.

ABC claims that is not true and released a statement: "As much as we appreciate and admire Megyn Kelly’s talents, this is simply not true. There has never been an offer of any job, and therefore there is nothing that could be sweetened. End of story.”

There is no doubt that Megyn Kelly has the upper hand at Fox News. They want her to stay and she knows it. So, her agent plays the game. He drops tips to media reporters saying how soooo many people want his client and how they are all willing to pay her millions and millions of dollars to work 2 two days a week and get 8 weeks vacation every year. 

Then when the stories are published, the agent returns to Fox News and says, "did you see that story, do you see how much people want my client." 

Could Megyn Kelly leave Fox News? Sure, it could happen, but nowhere will she even get within $10 million dollars of what FNC is offering. 

Kelly says its not about the money, but not many people are going to walk away from $10 or maybe even a $15 million bucks sitting on the table. 

"Megyn has always had a big ego, but in the last year, it has grown to enormous size, " says one Fox News insider to FTVLive. 

Kelly has lost many of the Fox News faithful viewers. They had to decide if they were on team Trump or team Kelly and many went with Trump. Kelly loves taking some of the spotlight off of Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly. This contract dance is doing just that. 

At this point Kelly is basking in that spotlight and is enjoying her time being the subject of all the rumors. 

But, in the end, she will sign a new deal with Fox News.

And the first person to take our $5 bet is on.