News from 1500 Miles Away

FTVLive has spent the past week, telling you how Sinclair is saving big dollars by hubbing newscasts around the country. 

For about the past year, Sinclair's KMPH (FOX affiliate) in Fresno also anchors and produces
the newscast for KPTM, the FOX affiliate in Omaha.

The Anchors that viewers are watching on their TV's in Omaha are sitting about 1500 miles away in California. 

So, we're guessing that the viewers in Omaha will not be bumping into their favorite Anchors at the know....unless they go to the mall in Fresno. 

Don't forget, the NAB is asking the Trump administration to soften ownership rules, so more crap like this can take place. 

Can't someone look out for the viewer and be less concerned about lining their pockets? 

Just asking....