What Didn't Other Indy Stations Take a Stand?

Why didn't the TV stations in Indianapolis stand up for what's right? 

Last week, FTVLive told you that WRTV Investigative Reporter Rafael Sanchez was turned down for press credentials, covering the announcement by Carrier, that featured Donald Trump and Mike Pence, that the company was not going to move some jobs to Mexico as previously announced. 

Carrier did not like how Sanchez  had previously covered the story. So, the Reporter was denied access to the official detailed release with the new presidential administration.

WRTV sent a different crew to cover the story. But, why didn't the station take a stand? Why didn't they tell Carrier they don't get to pick a choose who covers the story? Why did they end up covering the story at all? 

Also, what about the other stations in town? Why didn't they protest the exclusion of a fellow journalist? Wouldn't that be the appropriate thing to do? What happened to Sanchez could just as easily happen to any reporter? 

By giving into Carrier and in effect also Trump, they let them know that they can now pick who they want to cover their story. 

The stations set a dangerous precedent and they completely dropped the ball. 

This was the perfect time for the Indianapolis stations to stand as one and stand up for the attack on Journalism. 

They didn't doit and everyone of them should be ashamed for not doing so.