That's 2.3 Million and counting....

On Friday, FTVLive posted a video of CNN Correspondent Suzanne Malveaux prepping for a live shot as she waited for Donald Trump's plane to land. 

A CNN Producer could be heard of camera, joking about Trump's plane crashing. 

The video has been seen by 2.3 million people, which is about 2.1 million more that saw Suzanne Malveaux live hit on CNN. 

After FTVLive posted the video and story, CNN issued a statement saying, “An unfortunate and inappropriate remark was made by one of our producers off camera yesterday,” CNN said. “We have apologized to the Trump transition team, and the Producer has been disciplined.”

The network did not name the Producer, nor did they say what the discipline was. 

CNN's Sunday show Reliable Sources ignored the story, despite the fact that the the video of the CNN was the number one trending video on YouTube for two straight days. 

CNN Media Critic Brina Stelter did do a segment about hate and threats directed towards media from the Trump camp, but made no mention of CNN crew that directed the hate right back. 

So much for giving you the full story..... 

BTW- Fox News did cover the story and they gave proper credit to FTVLive. Maybe they could teach others how to do that.