That Will Have an Impact

After FTVLive posted the story about News 13 in Orlando asking people to vote if the massacre at the Pulse nightclub was the "biggest story of the year", the station made some changes. 

News 13 is asking viewers to choose between one of the deadliest mass shooting in US history... or things like "Theme Park Updates and Announcements" and "I-4 construction" as the biggest story of the year. 

Holding a contest to see which story is the biggest when so many people were killed, just seems so wrong. 

Well, after FTVLive posted the story about News 13, they quickly made some changes. No the online poll is still there and people can still vote. But, instead of calling it the "biggest stories of the year" it has been changed to the "most impactful stories of the year". 

Biggest story was not the problem, it's the online poll. Almost 100 people were shot at the Pulse nightclub, 49 died, the idea people are voting on that just seems so dirty. 

Yes it was a big story, yes it was impactful, but let's drop the voting and stop mining for web clicks.

In the meantime, keep trying Alligator Attacks, you can still pass Pulse Shooting and take the top prize. 

Below is a screenshot as the site was before the FTVLive story and what it looks like now: