Time to Hand Out Some Christmas Gifts

Let's face it, once you stopped getting toys for Christmas it just wasn't as fun. 

Still, there is nothing that beats a child's eyes when they wake up Christmas morning to see what Santa brought them. 

So, in the spirit of Christmas, FTVLive went out and did some toy shopping for some TV people. Let's look in Santa's sack and see what we got for some of our favorite TV people. 

Jeff Zucker - CNN

It didn't take us long to pick out a toy for Mr. Zucker. 

We went out and got him a toy airplane and it's not just any plane it is a toy Malaysia Airlines plane. 

The only thing is Jeff, we hid the toy somewhere near your house and you now have to find the missing plane. 

Roger Ailes - Former Fox News Boss

Another easy gift to buy was for former Fox News boss Roger Ailes. 

We figured if it was blonde and naked, we couldn't go wrong. So we bought Mr. Ailes four Barbie dolls sans clothes. 

We got him 3 blondes and a redhead.

We'll let you name them Roger, although we were leaning towards Gretchen and Megyn for two of the dolls. 

Tegna Bosses

The managers at Tegna was another one that was easy to pick out a gift for. 

We got each General Manger their very own toy axe. This way when you need to layoff staff or make budget cuts, you will have your very own axe to swing. 

We also figured the young girl holding the axe might want to be your new Anchor. You know young and cheap is the way to go now. 

Sinclair Executives

We bought the Sinclair suits there very own Trump doll that they can worship and play nice with whenever they want. 

This Trump doll also talks and it includes sentences like "Be nice to me this election and I will look the other way on the FCC fines." It also says, "I will put a puppet in charge of the FCC so you can rewrite your own ownership rules." 

One other thing the Trump doll says, "lob me another softball question, these are easy."

Enjoy hours of fun sucking up to your own Trump doll. 


We found the perfect gift for you MMJ's out there. 

We bought you a toy TV Photographer. 

Now, when you go on a story you can tell the person you're interviewing "Hi I'm Jane and this is my Photographer Steve."

It's like you're at the network, but without all the hassle of that big contract. 

Here's hoping each of you have a Happy Holiday and that Santa brings you the toys you want.