Hmmmm...Look at That

It appears that MSNBC is getting ready to launch a new business show on the network. 

Which brings up some interesting questions.

MSNBC posted an ad for a Associate Producer for a new business show that will be launching on the network. 

Best guess is the show will run in the 6PM hour, but the big question is who will the host be? 

4 days ago, FTVLive FIRST reported that that Stephanie Ruhle is getting pushed out a the weekend Today Show. After FTVLive's story, NBC confirmed the news. 

Ruhle came to NBC from Bloomberg and could be a likely choice to front the new business show on MSNBC. It also gives her a soft landing after being hooked at Today. 

Back in October, MSNBC hired Ali Velshi who was the longtime CNN chief business correspondent  and worked at Al Jazeera for the short time they were on the air. So, Velshi would also be a wise choice to get the new MSNBC show.

Or, MSNBC could be going with a duel anchor and you could see both Velshi and Ruhle co-anchoring the show.  

Either way, it appears that MSNBC is trying to prop up their business reporting which will now be in direct competition with their sister network CNBC. 

Stay tuned....