It's Just So Wrong!

An Orlando station shows why trying to get clicks can feel so wrong. 

Like most stations, News 13 in Orlando is having problems finding news this time of year. News slows way down during the Holidays as many people are off work and government offices are working with skeletal staff. 

So, the station has decided to do look backs at the "biggest stories of the year."

Yesterday, the station decided to focus on the mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. 

Nothing like perking up the Holiday season with talk of a massacre, I always say.

Anyway, after showing off the gory scene video, the Anchor then tells viewers to go online and vote if you think the Pulse shooting is the "biggest story of the year."?

Are you serious?! 

News 13 asks viewers to choose between one of the deadliest mass shooting in US history... or things like "Theme Park Updates and Announcements" and "I-4 construction."


After watching this you just feel like you need a shower. 

But, a big CONGRATS to the Pulse victims you're in the lead in the station's online poll.

I'd vote as well....but right now I have to go and throw up.