The Weather Channel Goes Back to the Future

It seems like The Weather Channel is starting to focus more on weather and going back to its roots. 

Dave Shull is now running The Weather Channel and since he took over in the Spring of 2015, he has tried to the weather back in The Weather Channel. 

The network no longer runs crap like "Fat Guys in the Woods" or “Prospectors,” it's more about weather. 

“I dug into who the core viewers were, trying to understand 34 years of history. What was driving their loyalty to the brand?” he said in an interview. “A lot of it boiled down to trust and the scientific explanation behind the weather.”

But Shull is also looking to the future and it might have a huge impact on local news. 

Shull tells Variety that weather executives are “developing a technological infrastructure that will allow us to provide on demand” localized information via broadband.  under his plan, a user with a Roku, Apple TV or similar service might pull up information on weather and traffic – even local news headlines or sports scores. “You don’t have to wait for the weatherman to come around,” Shull said. “This would be live, instantaneous, personal weather,” he said. “We think we’re in the very early days of what is going to a very exciting reimagining of local news.”

Will local news get pushed out or will they adapt? 

Stay tuned...