From The Assignment Desk to the Weather Wall

Yesterday, FTVLive told you that KTTV in LA had hired Soumada Smith from KMIR in Palm Springs. 

Smith jumped 144 markets landing all the way in No. 2 market, from well outside the top 100.

A move like this in TV news used to be impossible, but is not becoming much more common, as stations continue to go younger and cheaper in their hiring. 

But, as it has always been, it's who you know. 

Smith worked for years on the Assignment Desk at KTLA, before landing her first on air job at KMIR. 

While Smith was at KTLA, the Assistant News Director was Kris Knutsen.

Knutsen acted as a mentor to Smith while the two were at KTLA. Then Smith left for KMIR and Knutsen took the job as News Director at KTTV. 

It wasn't long before Smith landed in the No. 2 market doing weather. 

This business has always been, more about who you know, than what you know.