Texas News Director Quits....or Does He?

Sources in Amarillo tell FTVLive that KVII News Director Ryan Hazelwood quit the station after a tiff with the GM.

But, his bio is still posted on the KVII website. 

Insiders say a station Reporter did something wrong - factually or otherwise.  Word is the GM got really upset and called Hazelwood, and the assistant ND on the carpet.

Sources tell FTVLive that the GM went so far as to write up the ND.  Hazelwood asked why the reporter wasn’t getting in trouble and the GM said, “Because its your responsibility”.

Hazelwood reportedly got upset and quit on the spot.  

A short time later, Sinclair corporate sent a memo to all the stations saying he was no longer employed at the station.

Yet, his bio is still there and he has gone silent on social media. 

 Hazelwood was named ND of the Texas station back in 2012.