Ronan Farrow Back on Camera at MSNBC

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For those that miss seeing Ronan Farrow on camera at MSNBC, we have some good news for you. 

Mia Farrow's son can been seen on camera just about everyday, almost all day, by tuning into MSNBC. 

Farrow is no longer talking on camera, but he can be seen sitting in the background in the newsroom. 

Page Six says that after NBC pulled the plug on “Ronan Farrow Daily”, the former host is still on-camera every day — he just sits at a cubicle over the shoulder of his replacement, Thomas Roberts, from 1 to 3 p.m.

He's also back there for Tamron Hall's show as well. 

When Farrow’s show got axed last year, it was announced he’d move to a role as a “special investigative correspondent” contributing to specials and other programming.

An NBC source told us that Farrow “sits with the entire investigative unit, they are in that area on-camera,” which includes Stephanie Gosk and Rich McHugh.

But another NBC source said of Farrow since his show was canceled: “Poor guy. He does nothing. He’s very nice, but other than a few pieces that [NBC News] pushes — including one on nukes last month — he just sits at a desk. They try to justify his salary.”