Atlanta Anchor Arrested Again

Not again.... 

When Atlanta Anchor Amanda Davis was a WAGA, she was arrested for DUI. Months later she resigned from the job. 

Then, she was hired to do commentaries on struggling WGCL in Atlanta. The day before her very first commentary was supposed to air, she was arrested again. DUI was the charge this time as well. 

Besides all that, WGCL announced last week that they have hired Davis as their new morning Anchor, starting early next year. 

Bet you can't guess what happened? 

Yep....Davis was busted again.

Yesterday, Police arrested Davis for a suspended license, according to Cobb County jail records.

Davis was still in the jail Tuesday evening on a $1,320 bond after being arrested about 3 p.m. near Cumberland Mall, according to records.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that, according to Cobb police, Davis was driving a blue Mercedes when she was pulled over by an officer for an expired tag who later discovered her licence was suspended.

Davis’ license suspension stemmed from her previous DUI arrests, police said.

So far, no comment from WGCL on their new Anchor hire, but at this point you might just want to send her paychecks to the county jail.

She seems to spend a lot of time there. 

Just saying.... 

Here's a link to her arrest report