It's a National Emergency

CNN media critic Brian Stelter thinks that the United States might be in a national emergency right now. 

In his newsletter, Stelter writes, "A U.S. intelligence community conclusion that Russia intervened to help the Republican nominee… Who won in the electoral college but lost by a historic margin in the popular vote… Who says he does not believe the intelligence assessment and actually questions the motives of the experts. Maybe this is not a crisis. But this is a uniquely unsettled, unsettling time. Journalists should be talking about HOW to cover this; how to reflect the emotions and concerns of both Trump and Clinton voters; how to demand evidence and answers from government officials. I'm a big weather nerd, but journalists should not be leading their newscasts with weather reports right now. (I'm looking at you, ABC and NBC.)"

So, the media critic believes that the idea that Russian may have swung the election to Donald Trump, is a huge story and even bigger (close your ears TV consultants) the weather.

I'm not going to argue, Stelter is right, if true this is a huge story that should not be ignored. 

But, while CNN's media critic is chastising NBC and ABC for downplaying the story for weather, ON CNN last night, they weren't even airing news or weather.

Stelter's  own network was airing CNN self-serving Heroes.

Kind of strange thing to do during a national emergency, don't you think?