Lazy Bookers at CNN

The problem with being a booker at a cable news channel, is it is very easy to get stuck in a rut. 

Bookers find someone that will come on every time they are called and soon the bookers get very lazy and keep calling the same people. 

Here's an example, if you watch Don Lemon's show lately on CNN show, you may have noticed they have had Emily Jane Fox, a new and very young writer from Vanity Fair on his show a lot lately.

In fact she's been on the show 3-4 times in a week.

Fox was even on a panel discussing Kellyanne Conway's comments about mothers juggling work and motherhood.

Now, we're not sure, but we are betting that Fox is not a mother. And on that panel talking about mothers, Fox looked as confused as anyone. 

Word around CNN is that Fox has been aggressively pitching herself to TV producers trying to get on air. Her Twitter and Instagram feed is filled with pictures of her on CNN. 

Then on Friday, she moved from CNN's late night to morning and popped up on New Day. 

Can someone at CNN please give the bookers a few more phone numbers?