Why the New Administration Could Hurt Fox News

Fox News has finally got what they wanted. They will have a Republican President, Senate and Congress and no excuses.  

But....It also could hurt their ratings. 

Fox News has pulled in viewers by railing against the system. Whether it was President Obama and Hillary Clinton or the Democratic Senate under George Bush. Fox News could always cast blame on the other side and their viewers loved it and the ratings followed. 

But, starting next year, The GOP will control it all and it will be rainbows and unicorns for everyone.

But, what if it isn't? What if things start to go sideways?

 For the first time in years, Fox News will be playing defense. A role for which they are not familiar. 

Does this mean that CNN or MSNBC will rise up as the opposing voice. MSNBC has been trying to center itself, but now might be time to move further back to the left. CNN claims it's down the middle, but you and I both know that is complete B.S.

What if the Trump regime stumbles?

What if the wall hits delays because Mexico hasn't sent the check? 

What if we're 6 months in and ISIS is still chopping the heads of innocent people?

What if Hillary Clinton is still walking around a free woman?

What if we haven't had our taxes cut?

What if you see a Muslim walking down the street, that has not yet been deported? 

How will Fox News handle those missteps? Will they start going "Benghazi" on Donald Trump and hold his feet to the fire, just like they did Clinton's? 

Will they pound on Trump like they did Obama? 

Fox News finally got what they wanted, but it might not be good for their bottom line. 

Stay tuned, I have a feeling this is going to get interesting.