The Media's Next Move....

Yesterday, the media was making their plans for the next move after screwing up the election so bad. 

The consensus is that the media needs to get back to hard hitting reporting and hold Trump responsible. 

That's something the media should do no matter who is in office. But.... here's the problem. 

Say the media does a hard investigative story that just flat out nails Donald Trump to the wall. Will anyone believe it?


Trump will just yell "rigged" claim that none of it is true and the people will more than likely believe him over the "dishonest" media. 

Trump spent his entire campaign attacking the media, calling them crooked and dishonest and disgusting. The media, wanting to keep their ratings high just sat back and took it. They continued to cater to Trump's every whim and cover him every step of the way. 

They never fought back against Trump's claims and never did anything to disprove what Trump was saying. 

Trump had people believing that the media is all crooked. Then the media puts out poll after poll saying Clinton will win. They elected her President, before a single vote was cast. 

And they were wrong? 

Do you people really think there is anyone out there that now trusts the media? 

You can do the biggest expose' on Trump and it can be 100% factually correct, but, I hate to tell you, no one will believe you. 

The media sold their soul for ratings and ad dollars and now you have nothing to show for it. No credibility and no leverage against the most powerful man in America. 

There is no longer checks and balances and that's because you guys were only interested in the checks.

It's time you leave New York City and go see the rest of the country where no one believes you and no one respects you. 

And the only person you can blame is yourself.