Not Again...

OK, it appears that the folks at The Firm are just losing it. Yesterday, FTVLive told you that WFLD in Chicago did a Facebook Live which just showed a picture of a can of Pepsi and a can of Coke and asked which do you like better? was over two hours live video of a picture of a can Coke and can of Pepsi. 

We were more than a bit surprised that the Fox O&O in the No. 3 market would put this crap on their social media. 

Well now, Fox Chicago is 4 hours into a FB Live with a picture of a couple of pizza places. 

I get the fact that WFLD is the last place station when it comes to news, but they really aren't doing themselves any favors but putting this crap on their social media.

It appears that this idiotic feature is going to be an ongoing feature on their social media. 

Embarrassing to say the least.