Portland Station to Hire Ex-MTV VJ

Sources tell FTVLive that KGW in Portland is hiring a one time MTV VJ to be their new morning Anchor. 

Sources say that the Tegna station is hiring Brian McFayden as their morning Anchor. Now, no longer being part of the MTV generation, we had no clue who Brian McFayden was, so we googled him. 

It seems that Brian sure likes wearing his baseball hat backwards, you know like all the high school kids do. 

Also, there was this gem from TMZ saying, "Former MTV VJ Brian McFayden is being sued by his ex-girlfriend ... who claims the 34-year-old is a jobless deadbeat who USED her so he could play her PlayStation3 on her 72 inch TV."

Also, you look at some YouTube video's of McFayden, you see him talking to old lady about Viagra and erections. 

Not sure what KGW is thinking by hiring the guy? But if they are going to the immature, slacker demo, they should have this thing sewed up. 

Stay tuned....