Male TV Talent with the Best Hair

The website (don't ask me how I stumbled across that) is out with it's awards for male TV talent with the best hair. 

Now, what do they look for in a great head of hair?

When choosing our recipients we look for the following characteristics:

full volume
well styled
limited/no receding hairline

The Hairry's went state by state to choose the best male head on hair on TV news in each state. 

In Arizona, KNXV's walked away the winner. The site says, "Is it Nick Ciletti’s incredible cheekbones, or his impeccable hairline, that makes him look like he should be on the cover of a men’s magazine? We think it’s the latter, so we had to award him the first place HAIRRY for Arizona." 

KPHO Anchor Derek Staahl finished as second runner up and although he didn't win, he took to Facebook to say the hard work was worth it. 

You can check out all the winners and see if you or your co-workers made the list right here.