Tables are Turned on Reporter

Many times when Reporters and Photographers are working, a person might try to push away the camera.

Both the Reporter and Photographer are quick to point out that they have a right to shoot the video and touching the camera is a form of assault.

But what happens when it's the Reporter that grabs the camera? 

A Libertarian activist group is accusing WMUR (New Hampshire Reporter Amy Coveno of assaulting a man with a camera, after she grabbed his camera while she was conducting and interview. 

Dave Ridley of posted the video of the incident as Coveno was interviewing Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas. 

Ridley was shooting video of the station conducting the interview and Coveno can be seen shifting her angle to block him.

At one point Coveno responds by reaching out to grab and push the camera away.

"Hey you're distracting me from doing my job, thanks," she says when she reaches out.

"Hey, you just touched me," Ridley responds. "You're not supposed to do that. You can't just reach out and grab people."

So far the station has not commented on the altercation. 

Let's go to the video: