Journalism 101 and Why this J-School Professor Failed

Yesterday, FTVLive told you about the Mizzou Journalism professor that called me a sexist for a headline I used on a story. 

The answer is yes, we have used the same headline every month and we have used pictures of men, women and animals. 

Amy Simons teaches Journalism and for some reason she thought she would give me a lesson.  I have to be honest, until she brought it up, I never thought the headline read the way she thought it did.

So, yesterday, I wrote a story replying to Ms. Simons.

You see, FTVLive has been called many things over the years and most might even be true, but you call me "sexist" or "racist", you're going to get a fight.  

But, after I posted the story, something completely unexpected happened. 

No, Amy Simons did not write me a letter of apology. In fact she never responded at all to my story. Not exactly a good follow up for a Journalism professor. 

What happened was, I got literally hundreds of emails, texts and phone calls from people supporting me. It was overwhelming. And the best part? 80% were from females working in TV news. 

An Orlando Anchor said, "I never read your headline like Amy Simons did and I'm a female."

A Female network executive said, "Scott, I don't always agree with you and sometimes you are much more right, then I want to admit to. But, the last thing you are is sexist."

A Meteorologist in Norfolk tweeted, "Sexist?!  Pfffftttt give me a break."

The support was amazing and then there where the people that commented on my mom. Many said that the story touched them, it made them think about their mom. It was heartwarming. 

A Las Vegas newsie sent this DM on Twitter, "Hey there. I read your story about your mother.  I cried my eyes out.  So even though I am not your DM crush, I wanted to hug you anyway. Muah!"

I want to thank everyone that reached out, the ones that talked about my mom were especially kind. Anytime I get the chance to think back about that awesome woman, is a great time for me. 

As for Amy Simons, well no reaction from her and I guess she still just believes I'm a sexist and nothing is going to change her mind. 

But, despite that fact that this Mizzou professor made an unfair and not true claim about me, I'm glad it happened. 

Because, I learned that for every Amy Simons in the the world, there are hundreds more than aren't anything like her. There are hundreds more that see you as you really are. 

So, Thank you Amy turned what started out as a shitty Monday with your comments, into a really good day. 

As for those that reached out? I REALLY thank you. You guys amaze me and make getting up each day at some God awful time worth it. 

As for my mom....Yeah she ROCKED!

I miss you Mom....