Arizona Anchor Contemplates Breast Reduction

KYMA (Yuma) Anchor Nay Summerour is trying to work her way up in this business and she seems to have two things standing in her way. 

Many say that Summerour is a solid Anchor and she has a bright future in TV news. But, Nay has grown tired of the focus being taken off of her work and put on her breasts. 

No one ever writes the male Anchor and takes about his skinny arms or way too big pecs, but unfortunately, female Anchors and Reporters deal daily with comments about their hair, clothes and yes, even their boobs. 

Summerour says she has been dealing with it for a longtime and it is really getting old and tired. 

The fact that a woman may have to alter her body, just so she can be taken more seriously is sad. 

I would tell Nay, you do what you want, but, you are you and you don't need to change for anybody. 

The only boobs that need changing are the idiots that feel it's their right to comment about you. 

Don't let those boobs change yours. 

Just saying....