Out the Door in Charlotte?

OK, if you look at the headline on this story, you will notice a question mark at the end. The reason is this story is not confirmed, but we are hearing rumors. 
Sources tell FTVLive that WCNC main Anchor Beth Troutman and station management are not seeing eye to eye right now. 
One source says that the damage is done and Troutman is leaving the station. FTVLive has not been able to confirm that as of yet. 
Troutman was brought into WCNC with great fanfare just over a year ago. She joined the station after working on NBC's the West Wing, the syndicated show "Right this Minute" and a failed run for congress. 
“This marks a new era for NBC Charlotte,” said WCNC general manager Deborah Collura at the time of her hiring. “After working in the national spotlight, Beth is coming home.
Could she now be leaving the struggling Tegna station?
Stay tuned....