Houston Anchor Sacked After Facebook Post

FTVLive was the FIRST to tell you about KRIV (Houston) Anchor Scarlett Fakhar's Facebook post in which she said she prayed for a Donald Trump win and then want on to bash President Obama. 

After FTVLive reported the story, it was picked up by several Texas newspapers (who nicely gave credit to FTVLive) and the story continued to grow.

FTVLive has done a number of stories on "so called" Journalists that have posted their personal opinions about the election on social media. 

We have tried to explain time and time again why it is wrong and not good for your career to make your opinion on the election public. 

You want further proof? 

Scarlett Fakhar has been sacked from her Anchor job at the Fox O&O. The station confirms that she no longer works there. 

After FTVLive's first story on Fakhar, she attempted to put the toothpaste back in the tube by issuing an apology for her remarks. 

But, by then the wheels to remove her were already in full motion. 

Now, it is sad that an Anchor in the 10th market thought that it was OK to give her personal opinion and lost her job. 

Let's hope others learn from this and understand what FTVLive has been saying for the last two weeks.