WJLA Producer: I Have a Right to Voice my Opinion

A couple of days ago, FTVLive gave you a few more examples of TV news people voicing their person opinions about the election on their social media. 

One of those that we showed showing her displeasure with Donald Trump's win, was WJLA Producer Amanda Paga. 

She emailed FTVLive saying, "You and everybody else in this great big world are entitled and allowed to have an opinion and observation on what happens in this world, and since it's your beat,  the news industry. I am as well."

Yes, Amanda you as an American have the right to free speech and say what you want. But, as a professional Journalist, you should not do so publicly. 

From now on, every show you produce that has a negative story about Donald Trump in it will be greeted by, "well of course, she has been against Trump from the very beginning."

Once you take a public stand, no matter what you do to try and remain fair in your job, it will be tainted. You tipped your hand and now everyone knows exactly where you stand. 

This is the one thing that the younger Journalist can not seem to grasp. 

Your job is to give your audience the news and do so unbiasedly. Of course everyone has their own beliefs and leanings, but once you show those publicly, no one can ever take what you write as unbiased. They now know where you stand. 

There are a number of News Directors out there that will no longer hire you Amanda, after what you posted on Facebook. They want an employee that does not voice their personal beliefs and vows to cover the news objectively as they can. 

A true Journalist understands when they enter this business..... they know that voicing personal opinion is not what you do. 

But, the good news, there are still plenty of jobs for you in cable news.