Fox Orlando Hires Controversial New EP

Back in August, FTVLive first reported on the arrest of WOFL EP Josh Langel on child porn charges. Now, FTVLive has learned "The Firm" has hired a new EP, but apparently it's off to a rocky start.

David Page is the new EP, coming to Orlando from his own production company where he produced syndicated programming such as Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on the Food Network. That ended badly, with both sides suing each other. In a counter suit the Food network claimed Page was a boss from hell, alleging he called a staffer "one fucked up dumb-ass loser," another an "asshole," and wished death on another "so I can dance on your fucking grave." Page reportedly had a desk plaque that read, "Because I Said So".

Minneapolis/St. Paul City Pages has a more detailed background on Page's career, including a stop in Atlanta where then WSB ND Andy Fisher told Page he was too 'ugly' for TV. Page also spent time at NBC and GMA.

In Orlando, sources tell FTVLive that a good portion of the staff is already over Page's harsh treatment of them. He's told several staffers, "If I'm good enough for Diane Sawyer, I would think I'm good enough for you".

We don't know David Page, but given it's been a long time since he worked in local news, he may want to cut back on the "I'm a big network producer" rhetoric. After all, if he was good enough for Diane Sawyer, what's he doing in Orlando?