Zucker Praises CNN Staff in Memo

Dr. Frankenstein....errrrrrr........ Jeff Zucker, who gave Donald Trump unlimited air time on CNN sent a memo to the staff, praising them for a job well done in covering the elections. 

Zucker, who admitted at one point that his network might have over covered Trump, told the staff how proud he was with their coverage. 

He closed the memo with this:

Much will be said about the role the media played in this historic election cycle. Books will be written, experts will opine and hands will be wrung. I am a strong believer in learning from experience, and there will be ample time at CNN to think about what we learned about our reporting and our audiences, and use that information to continually make our journalism better. With that said, I can tell you one thing for certain, already. I have never been more proud to lead an organization than I am today. You each gave everything you had to make our coverage unparalleled. And it showed. Every single day. Thank you for being the best in the business. And congratulations on a job tremendously well done.

The good news, when Zucker leaves CNN, he will have a bright future as a fiction writer.