To Answer your Question....Yes I would

This morning after FTVLive posted the morning updates, a woman named Amy Simons called us "sexist" on Twitter, for our Bloopers of the month headline. 

Each moth, FTVLive posts the best bloopers from the pervious month. For about as long as I can remember, I have used the headline, "It's that time of the month."

Regular readers of FTVLive are used to seeing it and they know exactly what it means. 

Well, I guess that Ms. Simons thinks the phrase, "That time of the month" can only mean one thing and it is sexist for FTVLive to use the term. She then wants to know if I would dare use that same line with a man's picture on the homepage?

Well, ummmmm..... yes I would. Here's a screenshot from May 4th. 

I have used the same line with a man a woman and even a dog and other animals. 

I can assure you Ms. Simons, I am many things. I'm not really nice, I'm very bad a proofreading my work, I'm not very attractive and I don't like vegetables. But, the one thing I'm sure I'm not and that is a sexist. Anyone that has read FTVLive for longer than a week, knows that I stand up for women in this business and have always said that this field is much harder for any woman than man. I have gone off on posts on social media that mock a women's looks or her weight or whatever. 

Let me tell you a little story.

My Mom was the Station Manager of a TV station. She was working in what was described as a man's world when it really was, almost all men. Most of the women in the station were "secretaries" and none were in management. I watched everyday as my Mom stood up to the men and she had to work 10 times harder then them, just to prove she was equal (I would say better) than them. 

My mother was one of the strongest people I know (make that THE strongest). She also ran for political office when you almost never saw a woman do that. She graduated at the top of her class in college. My mother died way too young, but she lived her life to the fullest everyday and she showed me long before it was a thing, that any woman can do what any man can do. 


Hardly. I stand up for women everyday when I talk to news managers and station executives. Call me what you want Ms. Simons, but before you call me sexist, do some homework. 

Of course, I should have known, after reading your Twitter bio, I see your a Journalism professor. I'm sure you heard the saying, those that can Those that can't teach. 

I won't say that...and I'll tell you why? 

I forgot to add, that before my mom was in politics and before she managed a TV station she was a teacher. She was a teacher in the inner city that was very rough. She was assaulted and threaten and still went to work each and everyday, because she was trying to make a difference. 

You read a headline one way and you think it's the only way. Well, guess what? Not everyone see's the world from your eyes. We all see it differently.

You have every right to call me what you want on social media. But, as a Journalism professor, I just thought you might want to have the facts before doing so. 

Lastly, I miss my mom so goddanm much each and everyday. You want to me call "weak" because I miss my mom.

Go ahead....on that I will agree with you 100%