Sources: WEWS Managers Had No Choice But to Fire the Anchors

FTVLive broke the news FIRST and EXCLUSIVELY that Scripps owned WEWS had parted ways with two of their morning Anchors after the "violated" the company rules are participating in a political event. 

FTVLive FIRST told you that WEWS Morning News Anchor Jackie Fernandez (above left) and Weather Anchor Somara Theodore (above right) were fired after posting that they were standing in line to get free Jay Z tickets. The Jay Z show was in support of Hillary Clinton. 

After FTVLive broke the news, others started trying to play catch up (expect to finally see the story on the other blogs Today. We'll see who is professional enough to give proper credit and we will call out those that don't).

WEWS was contacted by but would only say, "We don't discuss internal employee matters," Harris said in a statement. "However, News 5 holds all of its journalists to the highest ethical standards."

The November book had just started and yesterday was the first day viewers did not see Fernandez and Theodore on the air.

After word of the FTVLive story got out, insiders tell us the station was flooded with emails and phone calls. 

Scripps had recently posted a video on their in-house website telling staff not to participate in any political activities up and until the election.

Word is that WEWS felt their hands were tied and they needed to fire the two after what they did.

"They were warned, they did it and now they are paying the price," said one WEWS staffer who said that management really did not want to fire the two. 

FTVLive has posted story after story warning TV news people not show their political bias and stay neutral. Sadly, many don't get it and this is what happens when they don't.