WNBC is on the Move

It appears that WNBC is getting ready to make a move. 

Sources tell FTVLIve that NBC has been making plenty of changes at 30 Rock, moving most MSNBC production to new 4th floor studio, and changes to Studio 3A.  Word is that another major change in the works is flagship NBC O&O  affiliate WNBC will soon be leaving studio 3C for 3K.

WNBC has been in Studio 3C since April 2012.  Before 3C, WNBC had newsroom-newsplex set in studio 7E (November 2008-April 2012), and 6B (until November 2008, which currently houses The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon).  No word yet on when the move from 3C to 3K is expected to take place or what NBC is planning for 3C after WNBC moves to 3K?

Stay tuned....