I know it's market 194, but when you watch the news, you kind of expect to at least get the basics. 

WTAP covered a half-marathon in Marietta, Ohio on Saturday and although it wasn't the most exciting news story, but it seems the station left out one of the most important parts. 

Who won the damn race?!

WTAP Reporter Todd Baucher reports, "A Lowell man was the half-marathon's first finisher, crossing the finish line in an 1:24:04."

We saw video of the guy winning the race, but we were never given his name. 

Then, Baucher follows up with this line, "Organizers vow he won't be the first winner."

Wait! He was the "first" winner, we're fairly certain, the Reporter should have said the "last" winner. 

It appears that Todd has some things to work on before he makes a move up in markets. 

Here's his report: