Fuck It Reporter Faces 50+ Years in Prison

You remember when Charlo Green quit her job at an Alaska TV station with the words, "fuck it, I quit".

Well now Green is facing up to 54 years in prison. 

Inquisitr writes that after quitting her job as a news reporter, Greene quickly became a full-time marijuana advocate, working to help Alaskans get access to pot after the state became just the third in the U.S. to legalize the use of recreational pot back in November 2014.

However, despite all of her efforts, her plight continues to remain largely ignored. This is because Greene, whose legal name is Charlene Egbe, is the founder of the Alaska Cannabis Club, which she started in April 2014. This means that her marijuana club was already getting “donations” through “club memberships” several months before it was legal to do so.

Police have already raided her club twice in 2015 and detectives were also able to make undercover purchases, and even though she (Greene) was not directly involved in them, state prosecutors are still going to file charges against her because the club is registered under her name. She has pleaded not guilty to charges of “misconduct involving a controlled substance.”

In a video posted on her website, the 28-year-old Greene has called her case a “modern day lynching,” but she is hoping that the marijuana community will rally behind her.

“I need help more than ever,” she said.

The former TV reporter first developed an interest in marijuana during her college years after she discovered that it was a much better alternative to alcohol. After working at news stations in West Virginia, Georgia, and Tennessee, Greene returned to her home state of Alaska where she worked for the CBS affiliate KTVA and was assigned to report on crime and courts – and eventually cannabis.

While experts believe that there is a good chance that Greene will not have to face decades behind bars, she still struggles trying not to worry about how this could possibly end up ruining her life.