As Expected.....

Remember a week ago, when FTVLIve showed you the video of WBBM Entertainment Reporter being called out for lying about winning an Oscar? 

We said you were watching the exact moment that Damon Ranger was losing his job at WBBM. 

Well, we were right.

Robert Feder says that the CBS O&O has cut its ties to Ranger. WBBM released a released this statement shortly after FTVLive posted the story: “Mr. Ranger previously worked for CBS 2 [WBBM-TV], but is no longer employed by the station.”

Ranger wrote in a Facebook post: “Unfortunately, I have allowed my excitement over certain projects to get the better of me; this has led to overstatements and exaggerations, which have now caused embarrassment to my colleagues and friends, and out of respect for them, and myself, I want to clarify certain matters. . . . I have been questioned about whether or not I am an Academy Award winner. I am not. I apologize for the confusion I caused regarding the issue. I misspoke some years back about having received the Award and I regret doing so. I do not wish to misrepresent myself any further.”